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Honjo is a pretty girl but is quiet, cold and rarely talks to her classmates. Horiuchi secretly likes her even though she has a lover who is a university student. Once while sleeping in the school's gymnasium, he accidentally woke up by Honjo. That was also the first time this girl started talking to him. After entering the library, the two began to confide in each other's personal matters. Through that, although they already had a lover, due to the distance being too far, Honjo could not often contact or meet him, so she wished to have a boyfriend. I can have sex with you so I can feel what it feels like to have sex. Fortunately, Horiuchi had already had sex with his ex-girlfriend twice, so he did not disappoint Honjo the first time. Even though they were so close, Honjo still didn't want people to know about their relationship and she always acted cold towards him in front of everyone. Too disappointed, during the last time he had sex, he decided not to wear a condom in the hope that Honjo's thoughts would change, but things only got worse.

STARS-187 Love story with the beautiful class president....
STARS-187 Love story with the beautiful class president....
 Movie Code: STARS-187 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Suzu Honjo 
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