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The department head seemed to have a grudge against me. Every project I proposed was rejected by him without a valid reason. One time when we went out drinking, he wanted to come home to me. He continuously acted rudely towards my wife, Mizuki Amane. While he was going to the bathroom, I said bad things about him to my wife, but I didn't expect that he heard everything. He got angry and wanted to transfer me to a remote branch. there. I was propositioned by Mizuki Amane and he agreed not to prosecute me on one condition: my wife had to come work as his secretary. I told my wife I wanted to refuse but she agreed. idea. And then he used the fact that he was going to fire me to force Mizuki Amane to wear the embarrassing things he gave her, forcing her to have sex with him. But the pleasure he gave her was something that she had never felt in me had gradually changed her. She wanted to have sex with him more, not forced like before. The needle that had been in the bag for a long time also came out. When Mizuki Amane returned to the company, she caught and took pictures of the two having sex. I received the photo and was extremely shocked to learn the truth...

MOPP-073 My wife is my boss's mistress
MOPP-073 My wife is my boss's mistress
 Movie Code: MOPP-073 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Mizuki Amane 
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