My lewd roommate

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The suburbs are usually quiet and peaceful but everyone is worried since a self-proclaimed paparazzi started anonymously leaking depraved daytime photos of the “girls next door” online. Who is that mysterious stalker and how will the suburbanites stop him from attacking their own self-esteem? Part 1 opens with hot housewife Cherie Deville kissing her husband before he goes to work. As soon as he leaves, his spoiled daughter, Maya Farrell, begins flirting with Cherie. In the laundry room, they fight over housework, but soon, Maya masochistically shows off her butt and asks to be spanked. Unforgettable kinky action ensues, interspersed with deliciously voyeuristic POV. Later that day, Cherie was serving her husband dinner when Maya gasped at her phone: Anonymous