DASS-087 Call your best friend to your house to massage your soon-to-be wife

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Amiri has lived with Takeru since they were in college, and the two also plan to get married in the future. In the end, there was only nearly a month left before the two officially became husband and wife. Because he had no money, Takeru couldn't organize a wedding. He could only organize a party and invite relatives and friends to celebrate. Amiri wants to lose weight to have a better body at the wedding, so she decides to go jogging regularly. But while running, she accidentally injured her leg. Takeru saw that so he asked his close friend Ito to massage her and help her recover before the wedding. Even though they are close friends, Ito used to often bully Takeru. Because he is a kind and compassionate person, Takeru does not pay attention to such things. When he first met Amiri, her beauty attracted Ito. He started massaging her and did not forget to touch Amiri's extremely sensitive places. Takeru suffers from erectile dysfunction, so Amiri has not enjoyed the pleasure of sex for a long time. Wherever Ito's skilled hands went, Amiri's body trembled with pleasure. Ito continuously used the excuse of "massage" to directly squeeze Amiri's breasts and even touch her pussy. But the pleasure made Amiri ignore everything. She wanted to enjoy this pleasure more. Seeing that "the fish has taken the bait", Ito quickly took possession of Amiri's body. During each massage session, Ito was able to fuck the wonderful pussy of his best friend's soon-to-be wife, and was able to freely ejaculate straight into Amiri's pussy. Ito even filled Amiri's uterus with his sperm right on her and Takeru's wedding day.